my stanzas

કુછ સવાલો કે જવાબાત ને મદહોશ કિયા

કુછ જવાબો કી ખામોશી ને ખામોશ કિયા

હરએક હાલમે દિલ કો સંભાલા ફિર ભી

તેરી યાદો ને ખુલે આમ સરફરોશ કિયા

કુછ હસી પલ કા યુ બીતના હી હુઆ થા

ગમે ફિરાક ને ફિર સે આગોશ કીયા….. (૨૭-૦૫-૨૦૧૩)



Tenses - A Structural Way title

The Book TENSES : A STRUCTURAL WAY Is Meant For The New Learners Of English Language. The Book Focuses On Understanding Of Sentence Structures In Different Tenses…

After A Grand Success Of ACTIVE ENGLISH (Published By MacMillan And Prescribed By GTU As The Text Book Of English In Diploma Engineering Courses), This Is The 2nd Book By VASEEM QURESHI.


A short poem in English

LOVE at my doorstep

At my doorstep came Love.
I was lying restless on the floor.
She hesitated to knock at the door.
She paused and was about to go.
She would return – I hoped so.
She came back and asked me a question –
Any want? Any desire? Any suggestion?
I cried, “I have wanted you all the ages.
Let me be out of the earthly cages.”
The door was open.
She smiled. I smiled.
I cried. She cried.
We cried.
She laughed. I laughed.
I wept. She wept.
We wept.
The door remained open.



One of my very old poems in English


I’ve been waiting for you
Since the night
When the fight of light and darkness
ended with happiness.

I’ve been waiting for you
Since the day
When the first ray came to the earth
with divine mirth.

I’ve been waiting for you
Since the moment
When a beat was sent to my tireless pump
to throb and jump.

Ah ! Let me wait !
Till my last breath forgets earthly agony,
and sings with melody.

Ah ! Let me wait !
Till my lovely death embraces me
and makes me free.

Ah ! Let me wait !
Till my firm faith has love of thee
O come to me, come to me.